Senin, 22 Januari 2007

Too Much Thinking For Today...

My my...look what the world is coming to....

IIT.....Indian Institute Of Technology......
the best brains in the world.....under one roof....
every indian students dream.....
the best proffessors at the forefront of indian science,
heralders of the new information age,one that screams out for oriental supremacy......

IIT.....Im a lucky guy...(a little smart too....:)

but just like the american day......the myth was exposed for what it really was.
One can feel loud and clear and persistent the after shocks of the impact.
Another IITian committed suicide.
The details are unnecessary.Im not selling news.
Everyone claims to know the reason,everyone has a snip at the news column.Noone truly knows.I dont either.Im just a little afraid.Not scared,wary would be more accurate.What in the world could drive a man to suicide.Here in this intellectual paradise,where you have so much ,so much at your disposal when you are in here,and international repute when you are out of it?
I dont know.....

Suicide....makes you wonder.....
Iv considered suicide.....not anytime recently though...but always brushed it aside with ridicule...
I mean .... I was born for a reason right...??
The Matrix - "The purpose of life is to end" says Smith.
Is it??
What a waste.....But Is it?
What is the purpose of life.....Iv read about it,thought about it,talked about vain...i need the answer...what is the purpose of life??

The suicide made me think of it afresh....maybe thats the right way to approach the question.Why suicide?Why end life?When you know there is no chance of rethink,retake,return...why take that risk...?where is the hope....
Hope....the quintessential human delusion simultaneously the sourec of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.i quote the architect.
How can a man who is envied by so many,millions even, give up hope....?

Think of the worst that could happen to you...THE ABSOLUTE WORST...!!
What could possibly happen....

you lost the bet?
you lost your money?
you lost your job?
your wife/gf ran away with arnold schwarznegger?
you became schizophrenic?
your love betrayed you?
your judgements erred out of control?
you lost all control of your life?

your dog died?
your health died?
your trust died?
your faith died?
your friend died?
your love died?
your sanity died?

You.....died ?

I'm still looking for the answer....who here can honestly say he isn't??

-- to be continued

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